EE8: Utilizing FP&A Advanced Reporting and Budgeting, including Understanding Business Rules with Assumptions Logic
Date & Time
Monday, June 10, 2024, 1:30 PM - 5:30 PM
Darko Tafuri

Program Level: Advanced

Cost: There is an additional € 255 EUR  fee to attend this session.

This class targets existing FP&A customers currently using the system for reporting and budgeting. It is run under the assumption each user knows how to navigate and perform simple reporting and budgeting tasks, enabling each session attendee to focus on learning advanced techniques for using the system. 

Objectives: Epicor FP&A offers very powerful and versatile reporting and budgeting capabilities allowing users to generate accurate and up-to-date reports using its own interfaces quickly. This session aims to:

  • Showcase how to perform advanced customizations of report templates through report row section manipulation
  • Showcase tricks on how to optimize report performance
  • Run through the dos and don’ts of advanced report creation
  • Showcase how to successfully create budget sheets from scratch and adjust it to various audience types through the budget workflow
  • Discuss how to incorporate standard key measures for assumptions and how to use business rules to allocate such assumptions before budget start


  • Customers with existing, live FP&A environments set up
  • Customers who have been using the system and need refreshers / new tips and tricks to get the most out of the tool
  • XL Connect experienced report builders wanting to understand how report building is done in FP&A


  • Basic report creation experience in FP&A
  • Basic budget sheet tailoring in FP&A
  • XL Connect reporting experience
  • Accounting knowledge
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Moravia 2
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Prague Marriott Hotel
V Celnici 8
Prague 110 00
Czech Republic
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Extended Education
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