EE7: Expanding System Enhancements with Application Studio: Advanced
Date & Time
Monday, June 10, 2024, 1:30 PM - 5:30 PM
Tim Shoemaker

Program Level: Advanced 

Cost: There is an additional € 255 EUR fee to attend this session.

You can continue exploring Application Studio during this advanced course. It begins by first showing the debugging tools that you can activate to troubleshoot issues with your custom layers. The course then covers more advanced customization use cases, such as creating view and date range filters, designing events with multiple actions, calling functions from events, and other features that create enhanced user experiences for your organization and business needs. 
Note: This course is Part 2 of the Application Studio series. It covers more in-depth features, so it is recommended that you also register for the Part 1: Driving System Enhancements with Application Studio Fundamentals course. Please learn the basic features BEFORE you take this course. 


  • Debug Kinetic screens 
  • Add view option filters on grids 
  • Create date range filters on grids 
  • Manage layers 
  • Use the Condition event action to update data fields 
  • Use the Switch event action to update data fields 
  • Call custom functions from events 

Audience: System Administrators / Software Developers 


  • Basic Knowledge of Application Studio 
  • Understanding of Business Activity Queries (BAQs) 
Location Name
Bohemia 3
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Prague Marriott Hotel
V Celnici 8
Prague 110 00
Czech Republic
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Extended Education
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Platform 2024
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