Lab: Customer Co-led, Tracking VIN# for Receipts from Customer Managed Bins Using UD Tables
Date & Time
Wednesday, July 14, 2021, 11:25 AM - 12:15 PM

This hands-on lab is a customer co-presentation reviewing one of their custom configurations built on adding Serial Numbers tied to VIN# for truck chassis received from a customer-managed bin. The requirement is to tie options and other attributes to orders for custom truck builds for customer-supplied chassis. When an order is placed, options and attributes specified on the order are tied to a customer supplied chassis using VIN#. A Serial number matching the VIN# is created and then data added to the UD01 table. This allows the VIN# details to be pulled into any screen in Epicor just by referencing the serial number. This allows quick access to this information without redundantly adding additional UD columns to multiple tables in the order to cash cycle. This lab will review the following processes: -Build requirements based on business rules. -Define the data needing to be stored and the logic keys best suited to quickly access the data. -Identify the tables that need this information added as child detail and use UD01 to store this data. -Modify the existing forms that need to include this information in the order to cash cycle. -Identify exceptions across the processes and design for the exceptions.

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Oceanside E
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Mandalay Bay
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Business Insights, Production,